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About the Rama Road Rally
The Rama Road Rally is a competition in which vehicles are driven coast-to-coast over public roads and under normal traffic conditions and regulations, with specified rules as to speed, time, and route.

The Rally will begin in Philadelphia, PA and end in San Francisco, CA, with 19 other destination cities in between. Driving time for each leg of the Rally ranges from 5 to 9 hours. Drivers will get a daily destination with an address of a hotel or venue in each city at the beginning of each day. They will then choose the best route by their own means (maps, GPS, etc.) Friendly competition, sportsmanship and original thinking are encouraged. Each leg of the Rally is a "mini-race" in itself, with prizes given to the top three drivers at the end of the day.
Ranking will be determined by four factors:
· Time (40%) - Drivers must arrive within the time specifications for each leg — faster does not necessarily mean better.
· Distance (40%) - Calculated by mileage — the shorter the distance driven, the more points scored
· Safety (10%) - Drivers must obey the law at all times. Traffic violations and citations are not allowed. Any racer incurring a violation automatically forfeits that leg of the race and moves to last place in the points standings.
· Historical Documentation (10%) - All drivers to visit a historic location each day. Exactly what and where is up to them. A historic location can be as grandiose as the Grand Canyon, or as commonplace as an antique doll museum (for example), as long as it is "officially historic." To prove they completed this task, an instant snapshot of the participant alongside the car (with race number visible) at the selected historic site must be turned in at the end of each leg, along with a brief (1 - 2 sentence) description of the site’s importance and why they chose it.

Checkpoint locations will be established in each city where the racers will be clocked in and the appropriate information recorded. The winners will be announced that evening at the dinner banquet and the complete statistics will be posted the following morning.
________________Sample Race Day Schedule
(each day will be different depending on the venue)
7:00 am check-in, continental breakfast, results posted from previous day,
destination given
8:00 am start off
8:00 am - 5:00 pm drive time (approx. 5-9 hours max)
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm clock in / arrivals
7:30 pm banquet dinner, daily winners announced
9:00 pm concert event



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First right of refusal for sponsorship in next years rally which will be international in scope and held in various countries around the world

Geographic Reach

With the amount of celebrities and talented people involved with the Rally, along with nation-wide marketing, the Rama Road Rally will span national, international, and local arenas.

National / International:
· News coverage on all the major networks and feature stories in national publications; distribution of in-depth media kits and up-to-date press releases
· "Race Central" show to be aired on a popular network, such as SpeedVision, MTV, HBO, etc.
· Post-release productions, including documentaries (i.e., the making of; new technology highlights) and a proposed Motion Picture
· Magazine advertisements in popular magazines such as Car & Driver.
· In addition to these items, our documentary and film distribution company, will give us additional coverage through the tabloid television shows like Access Hollywood , Entertainment Tonight and Inside Edition two weeks prior to kick-off on August 10th.

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