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Rythmedicating Psycho- nutraceutical
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We are on the threshold of undreamed of discoveries. We only have to have the courage to ask the right questions and the foresight to do something about the answers.

The following proposal outlines a completely new process for the medical industry. This new concept deals with both common and obscure - diseases and viruses alike. The development of this technological conundrum is to be controversial to say the least. However, the shear magnitude of the successful completion will hail a milestone in the future of medicine.

What is it going to take to achieve this goal? Quite simply, if one can dream up an idea, then the potential exists to make that dream a reality. A wise man once said: “You can lead a horse to water but you have to fight like hell to drown him.” With all of the stereotypical, dogmatic arrogance and restrictive “that's impossible” mentality circulating within the smaller minded circles that control current “acceptable medical practices”, it is no wonder that medical science is only one foot out of the dark ages. Advancement is only achieved when one puts “absolute” knowing to the test. If one is so confident that no other solution is available, then none shall provide the simple solutions to making these non-existent items a reality. Nothing ventured - nothing gained - nothing changed.

100 short years ago, mankind was reduced to stealing corpses to enhance its knowledge of human anatomy. Are we so arrogant that this is all there is. Today, pacemakers, penicillin, and neurosurgery are standard practice. Tomorrow, frequency generation and psycho-nutraceutical are to be as commonplace as open-heart surgery is today. How many advances have a single individual achieved with a different way of looking at the same problem? i.e. Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Jonas Salk, Martin Luther King, and George Washington. If it were not for the founding fathers of this great nation taking a stand against the status quo, this proposal may not even exist.

Innovation and original ideas are what started this country on the road to becoming “the” super power. Is idealistic theory to be so blatantly considered conjecture purely to satisfy the content few? Or is it to be nurtured and given a milk crate to have its voice heard in a (more often than not) mute world.

Maintaining relations within the medical community is one of the key components to the successful integration of the rythmedicating psycho- pharmaceutical system currently under development. The successful employment of this equipment will greatly reduce the need for unnecessary, expensive, and sometimes fatal surgery. The integration of such equipment to a hospitals infrastructure will greatly reduce expenditures while increasing profit margins.

Introducing such a technological breakthrough will also gain popularity with the insurance providers. Adding greater fiscal security to these companies will enhance special reparations and incentives to hospitals and clinics (who use the Rythmedicator) from these corporate giants. Subsequently, increased profit margins for the groups using this future Nobel Prize winning system is all but guaranteed.

Malpractice insurance in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas is amongst the highest in the entire United States! Introducing this system will benefit the patient, doctor - patient, patient - insurance provider, and insurance provider - hospital, hospital -doctor, and doctor - insurance provider relations on many fronts. One example of the benefits that can be directly effected by this would be by providing lower cost premiums to the medical profession, doctors and hospitals could afford to update their equipment and increase staff. This would provide fresher, more alert and less overworked staff, as well as cutting down on equipment failures at the most inopportune times. Fewer malpractice lawsuits and insurance provider payouts means lower premiums for the consumer. It will also greatly reduce claims to insurance providers and underwriters resulting in a less hostile environment for business to be conducted. Corporate structure and strategic alliances between doctors, insurance providers and hospital groups must be established.

The average cost of patient care can vary as much as the obscurity of diseases! These numbers can be appealing to a company’s bottom line, but when one considers the premiums paid by the medical profession as well as insurance provider capitol expenditures; the financial implications no longer are conducive.

Would one rather have a million people paying thousands, or a hundred people paying a million? Financial gains in conjunction with fewer people needing to rely upon archaic methods and systems currently in use can only ease the pressure on the health care system while reaping personal and financial rewards for medical professionals.

With all of the adversity and resistance to new forms of medical procedures, in conjunction with ridicule and disbelief, how is one to protect this system from being shut down or disallowed by the controlling organizations of the medical fields?

There has been no precedence established for frequency generation. Therefore, as is the case with a sound or an aroma, frequencies are non-patentable. The benefit to this form of “light and sound” therapy is that there are no federal, AMA, or FDA regulations governing this type of medical procedure for it is a non invasive and non dangerous alternative. Quite simply, these frequencies are non-toxic, non-polluting, wasteful, or open to adverse litigation. However, the equipment, process, and programming are patentable protecting investor capitol and research and development protocols.

The possible applications are virtually unlimited. With this technology, AIDS, cancer, hepatitis, herpes, and any other “incurable” disease or virus can successfully be addressed and eliminated. A patient’s psychological state along with Rythmedicator usage has to be initiated simultaneously. Emotional conditioning is an intermitting part of an individuals physical ailment, therefore you must not only balance the body, but it is imperative that one also repairs the mind. Conditioned human responses to treatment procedures are as important as the treatment itself.

Patients’ environmental issues are also non-existent! This system is target/bio-patient specific. That is, there are as many strains of diseases as there are people to carry them. Each individuals body chemistry is unique! A frequency that will help one person will be completely useless to another. This explains why current medical treatments of obscure or “incurable” diseases and/or viruses are widely ineffective. A human brain (in conjunction with the glands) is capable of producing any chemical or combination of chemicals provided the proper stimuli is introduced. An individuals body is already attempting to heal itself! The Rythmedicating technology provides the body with the opportunity to enhance the biochemical reactions that are naturally occurring. Acceleration and amplification of ones immune system can be used to achieve this objective by pinpointing the exact stimuli (frequency) that will complete the process. Our goal is not to corner or monopolize a given market, but to provide an answer to the indelible question that has plagued mankind since before the beginning of recorded history; can the inconceivable aspects of human suffering be alleviated?

How is all of this possible and not just conjecture and theory? Over the past 25 years a new system of mathematics has been rediscovered and perfected. Suffice it to say this natural system of mathematics (known as the Ra system) has made “known” physical realities obsolete. For example: It has been commonly known in physics that there are four ferrous elements, iron, cobalt, nickel, and molybdenum. While at the same time in was a scientific fact that each element has a “magnetic moment.” These moments are so brief in time that they are virtually non-existent. Using this natural system of mathematics, the duration of an elements magnetic moment can be held indefinitely. This in itself rewrites the laws of physics as they currently exist.

Using this concept, one can see the feasibility of such a system start to develop. Diseases and viruses have a chemical breakdown, all chemicals break down to numbers, numbers correlate to frequencies, and all frequencies have a wavelength, every wavelength a spectral line, and each line a color. Spectral lines can be turned into sound or light depending on the necessity of the application. DNA and cellular division are keys to the survival of ailments. Using a spectrographic analyzer the color (frequency) of the disease will be absent in its readout. Once the frequency has been determined the value is then converted into elf (extreme low frequency) waves and pulsed into the eyes of the patient. The brain will eventually grow impatient with the constant stimuli, resulting in the production of the correct chemistry to offset this “irritation.”

Many of the concepts and ideas presented may seem impossible or far-fetched. If one were to tell a doctor in the 18th century that a human heart could be taken from a dead man and made to function normally in a living one, he would have called you a witch doctor or heretic. Let us not allow semantics or disbelief, deflect the medical community from becoming more knowledgeable to the existence of (and acceptance of) the “impossible cures” to the current plagues of the twenty first century. Let the leaching processes fade into obscurity.

To learn more about how this and the other processes can aid in the humanitarian up-lift of mankind and how to become involved, please feel free to contact us at eaglefinger@ramaroadrally.net.

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Mark D. Jones (Jonesy)
Eaglefinger Enterprises Inc.

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