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February 1, 2005 www.ramaroadrally.net

Imagine the ultimate road-trip… let your imagination run wild… hundreds of people driving across the country, twenty-four days and nights jam-packed with concerts, parties, celebrity appearances, cash prizes, children's events, car and fashion shows, plus more! Four months of excitement building in a destination city near you with local contests and participation. National and international attention and coverage enhancing the visibility of advertisers, sponsors, environmental concerns and children’s educational charities. Now you can help bring your magical imagination to life by participating in the event of the millennium.

Introducing the 2007 Rama Road Rally, a children’s educational charity event unlike no other. From August 11th until Sept. 3rd 2007, the Rama Road Rally will have 150 drivers making their way across the country in all forms of transportation imaginable, from sports cars, kit cars and grocery getters, to the latest in fuel efficient technologically advanced vehicles. This Rally is open to any legal driver wishing to participate in a piece of history. You could actually win the once in a lifetime opportunity to compete against professional racecar drivers and celebrities! But most importantly, it is our goal to raise millions of dollars to help our nation's children and the environment.

We will have a unique battle of the bands contest, pitting two newly signed bands against the best band of each host city .Our bikini contest begins on-line at www.ramaroadrally.net and culminates in each of the destination cities we are traveling to. We are offering various types of prizes and academic scholarships to gifted young artists and students. One of our main events will be a NASCAR Pit Crew Competition with the winner receiving a one-year contract with a top NASCAR RACE TEAM. A Reality Television Series will document the daily Rally highlights, events/competitions and will cover the Pit Crew Contest from inception to the dramatic televised final.

The Rama Road Rally and Motor Sports Safety Technologies have teamed up with Deese Racing Enterprises to bring you the official Race Team of the Rally, “Team Safety” the next level of excitement in Motor Sports. The Rama Road Rally Racing Team will be debuting in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Racing Series, to promote the up-coming Rama Road Rally this summer.

The Rama Road Rally has set up the Rama Disbursement Fund to benefit charities nationwide. The Rama Disbursement Fund is a 501c3 and 509a1 that has been established through the National Heritage Foundation to disburse the Rallies designated funds to all of the charities that will be involved. The Rally provides an opportunity for charities to promote awareness of their respective causes, disseminate information, and educate the public as to how they can help change the way people view our environment and education. Donations will be generated from advertising, sponsorships, concert tickets sales, merchandising, prize monies, and more.

The Rally will begin in Philadelphia, PA and end in San Francisco, CA, with 19 other destination cities in between. Driving time for each leg of the Rally ranges from 5 to 9 hours. Drivers will get a daily destination with an address of a hotel or venue in each city at the beginning of each day. They will then choose the best route by their own means (maps, GPS, etc.) Friendly competition, sportsmanship and original thinking are encouraged. Each leg of the Rally is a "mini-race" in itself, with prizes given to the top three drivers at the end of the day.

The finale will be on the USS Hornet, the Aircraft Carrier that picked up Apollo 11 and 12 as they returned from the moon! Appearances by many of the Apollo Astronauts will add to the educational value that the entire event was designed for.

Daily child-oriented programs will be held at each host city awaiting the arrival of the Rama Road Rally Drivers and vehicles in the evening. The children’s events will be coordinated within the scope and purpose of the Rama Road Rally. A Children’s Village will be set up near the Rama Road Rally finish line. The Village will be the staging area for all of our educational focuses in the destination cities. The winners of the local battle of the bands contests will perform at this location with appearances by the Rama Road Rally Girls and the local bikini contest winners.

Finally, the Rama Road Rally Celebrity Golf Tournament! This tournament is being held as the first major event of the Rally (other than NASCAR) to publicize the event and to introduce the world to our visionary sponsors. The initiation of the pre-Rally buzz will be in full swing at this function, with NASCAR personalities included in the mix, giving our sponsors added exposure and endorsement-by-association to the individuals participating in the Tournament/Rally. At the same time we will generate additional donations for the Rama Disbursement Fund.

Many PGA players have been contacted by our associate and PGA Legend Lennie Clements, and will commit to joining the Rama Road Rally Celebrity Golf Tournament provided that their schedules permit.

We invite everyone, young, old, single, married, and kids of all ages to join us in an event that will not only help our nations children, but one that would become a memorable and monumental historical endeavor.