The Rama Road Rally (RRR) is a race for the common man or woman who wishes to participate in a piece of history.

The Rally is open to anyone with a valid drivers license and a street legal vehicle (3 wheels plus). We anticipate entrants ranging from well-known car companies and professional racecar driver's to the local garage hot-rod mechanic and "roadtrip" aficionado. With this in mind, our primary target audience consists of men and women, ranging in age from 18 to 64, with a strong enthusiasm for racing. We speculate our secondary audience to be college-age kids in search of adventure and a chance of winning a generous sum of money during their summer break. In addition, we have invited celebrities, NASCAR, and international race teams (i.e., Formula 1) to enter the Rally with their choice of driving either the entire course, or alternating with a team for specific legs. Watch for the Rama Road Rally Racing Team in the NASCAR NEXTEL Cup racing series this summer.

All those who wish to participate in the Rally must submit an application by June 30th, 2007.

     Application forms may be obtained either on the Rally website (to be completed online or downloaded, printed and then mailed in), by calling the 800# to request a form via mail, or at select locations (i.e., auto-parts stores, etc.)

Mail your entries to:
Rama Road Rally Inc.
8316 Luree lane
Hermitage, TN 37076

Phone 615-884-4450

    The application will consist of a short questionnaire along with a brief essay section (100 words or less) explaining why the applicant wishes to participate. The applicant must also specify which charity he/she is racing for, signing an acknowledgement that 50% of the potential winnings (Rally Prize) will be donated to that charity in his or her name.

The Rally is limited to 150 vehicles.

There is no limit to the number of occupants per vehicle, other than that their number cannot exceed the number of seatbelts.

Each state will be granted 2 entries each, to provide national representation and participation. Of the 50 remaining slots, one entry will be donated to the top radio station in each destination city (21 entries total) to be given away in whatever manner they choose (promotional contests, etc.). These designated "radio" entries are granted pre-paid (no entry fee) automatic admission into the Rally. In addition, 10 - 20 entries will be reserved specifically for celebrity participants, and 5-10 entries reserved for NASCAR / Indy 500 / Formula 1 drivers. Additionally, approx. 10 entries will be auctioned on E-bay after registration has closed. All the proceeds from these "reserve" tickets will be donated to the Rama Disbursement Fund for our partnering charities.

Entries will be selected randomly.

In June, 2007 a drawing will be held at the place of business of a key sponsor; televised in conjunction with a Rally pre-event. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance into the Rally via certified letter within a week thereafter. At this time an entry fee of $4,500 will be required, with a payment deadline of August 5th, 2007. This entry fee covers lodging, meals (daily continental breakfast and nightly dinner buffet), and admission to all evening Rally concerts and events. The entry fee is per driver and co-driver/vehicle. Additional "team" members require a separate reduced fee of $1,500 to cover organizational expenses i.e. hotel, concerts, etc. Participants are encouraged to, and can find "how-to" instructions on the RRR website, to generate their own sponsorship funding (via local businesses, etc.).

Upon receipt of the entry fee, each participant will be sent a RRR Entry Kit. This kit contains the "official" Rally rules, "how-to" collateral for obtaining additional sponsorship; an "instant photo" camera, and two packs of film.

Current negotiations are taking place for the Rama Road Rally reality TV show. Watch the news sections of the web site for information on this new and exciting aspect of the Rama Road Rally.


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