National / International:
· News coverage on all the major networks and feature stories in national publications; distribution of in-depth media kits and up-to-date press releases
· "Race Central" show to be aired on a popular network, such as SpeedVision, MTV, HBO, etc.
· Post-release productions, including documentaries (i.e., the making of; new technology highlights) and a proposed Motion Picture
· Magazine advertisements in popular magazines such as Car & Driver.
· In addition to these items, our documentary and film distribution company, Slam Dunk Films, has secured the top floor of the Hilton in Cannes` France for the Cannes` Film Festival at the end of May. This will give us additional coverage through the tabloid television shows like Access Hollywood and Hard Copy two weeks before for kick off on August 26th.

Race Central / Ongoing Television Coverage / Simulcast

Race Central will be a studio set up, complete with original set design and on-air host/hostess, comparable to HBO’s current football commentary show "Inside the NFL." This is the location from which remote feed, pre-recorded bytes, updates from the Rally and related events can be combined, edited, polished and released for broadcast.
Program content to include daily Rally highlights, charity/human interest pieces, contestant profiles, the "making of" the race girl calendar, scenic background pieces, regional historic pieces, an 800 number telethon, sponsor promotional spots, concert footage from the previous night, etc.
Specially designed "Race Girl" outfits have been commissioned and are currently in production.
An hour-long program will be packaged and offered to appropriate networks (ESPN2, Speedvision, MTV, TLC, etc.) Also a "behind the scenes" look at the organizing and logistics will be constructed (appropriate for E-Entertainment, access hollywood, Extra, etc.).


Race producers:
Jerry Lippert, Auricast,
Willy T. Ribbs will be part
of H.Q. and will also handle
the Rally from inception
through permitting through
finish. They will coordinate
with location and city
production depts.
City Events: (Concerts
and side shows) Event
coordination, permits,
lodgings and transportation
including "leapfrogging
roadies" crews, co-
ordinate with appropriate city departments etc.
Events photography: One
department with six or
more cameras; Director
and Production staff.
Race photography:
(including Sanyo blimp)
Race coverage and
announcer coverage. A
fully staffed production
unit to cover all scheduled
events and behind the
scenes activity
Production Unit
(self-contained) To shoot
background material during
Race Central Studio:
Northstar Studios,
Nashville, TN in
association with Michael
Carnes will be used for
setting up "Race Central"
television coverage.
Here you will find
descriptions of the
planned Press
coverage for the
Updates which
concern the race
itself will be posted
on the Race info
page as they are
made available

Production Team


Headquarters: Nashville,
TN - Central Office with
Main Producing Unit,
Accounting, Business
Affairs, Writers, Art Direction, Product Design,
Marketing, Publicity,
Transportation, and other
miscellaneous logistical
aspects of production.
Locations: 20 city
departments with four to
six staff members each
(Line Producer,
Accountant, Production
Coordinator, Secretary,
and P.A’s) to coordinate local logistics to enable
facilitation of Rally
completion (transportation,
permit acquisition, rooms,
etc). All aspects will be
handled through the
internal RRR web site.