Day-long, child-oriented events will be held at each destination city in anticipation of the arrival of the racers in the evening. The children’s events will be coordinated within the scope and purpose of the Rama Road Rally. A Children’s Village will be established near the Rama Road Rally finish line. The use of the Children’s Village will allow the greatest flexibility while also controlling crowd access and security. It also will be the staging area for any educational aspects in the destination city.
The Village will consist of three areas:
 Youth Race Central
     · Will contain a large map of race events and the progress of the Rally. Biographies of the Rally participants will also be displayed.
      · A simple stage area will be constructed for the use of mimes, clown acts and other children oriented live performances. These acts are to be determined.
      · There will be a large seating area for family picnics as well as a place to watch the live performances. The location of the picnic seating area will be selected for easy access to concession stands and merchandising.
      · This area will be used for lost and found and also include a lost parent area. A first-aid station will be established and the coordination of all children related events would be located in this area.
Outer Ring Surrounding Race Central

     These events will be coordinated and presented by the local Children’s Museum and Science centers and will consist of numerous children’s play/learning areas.
Interactive Children’s activities will include but not be limited to:
· Children’s make-up areas, play areas, puppet shows, hands on science center exhibits, balloon sculptures, etc.
 Major Events Area

      · A day long competition of the local chapters of the high school Battlebots™
The Battlebots™ IQ Program places particular emphasis on Student centered design and the use of scientific inquiry. Maintaining a focus on interpersonal and communications skills while developing a practical understanding of related physical science and mathematics skills are essential components to the successful completion of Battlebots™ robots.
      · The winner of each division to be announced before the Rama Road Rally drivers reaches the local finish line.
      · A pit area will be established so children may view the Battlebots™ as they are prepared for battle.
      · Instructional booths will be established describing the technology that is used in the construction of the different machines.
      · A hands on area will be also established so children can actually operate some of the Battlebots™.
Interspersed through out the Children’s areas will be concession stands featuring the sponsor’s products. Rama Road Rally gear will be displayed and sold throughout the area.
Local Social Service Units will be contacted in each city to include disadvantage children for these events. The Rama Road Rally will donate select merchandise and a limited amount of free concessions to these groups.

Additionally, several environmental organizations will be joining the Rally to help educate children about environmental concerns through entertainment. These groups consist of:
· Earthdance
· Kidlandia
· Mystic Family Circus

There are new items being added daily to this event. With the addition of NASCAR, NBC, Congressman Conyers, and others, the Rama Road Rally is turning into an institution and not just another event.


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