The Rama Road Rally is not a race as has been suggested by its title, it is a Rally to support children’s education. It is not a speed competition but a contest of knowledge. Drag racing or acceleration contests are strictly forbidden, except in designated areas previously set by the Rally organizers.

The Rama Road Rally is not a test of physical endurance. Each leg of the Rally will run between 4 and 9 hours.

Participants must not compete with other drivers in any manner apart from designated racetracks.

The Rally is not to be used as an exhibition of speed or acceleration or used for the purpose of making a speed record at any time.

Participants must not race with other drivers. The prize packages are given for 4 factors, which are as follows:

1. Time 40%: each leg of the Rally has a specific period of time that the participants must arrive in to qualify for the time portion of the points. Arriving too quickly has more deductions than arriving late.

2. Distance 40%: each leg of the Rally has a specific distance. The shorter the distance the more points one receives.

3. Historical Documentation 10%: all participants must stop by at least one historical marker or landmark during each leg of the Rally. Points awarded will be determined by the uniqueness of the information and to what lengths the participants went in order to gather the information.

4. Safety 10%: safe driving will be encouraged at all times, in and out of the vehicle. Conduct that results in damage to personal or private property, event logistical support staff and equipment, hotels, restaurants and any and all other item, will be deducted from the overall point standings and the participant will be liable for all costs incurred.

5. Conduct and Sportsmanship: throughout the Rally, additional points will be awarded for helping other teams or people that may be in trouble or distress on or off the course and in and out of the vehicle. Your conduct will be under constant scrutiny.

Participants must comply with all applicable laws and regulations during the Rally. All information on this page and the web-site are to be considered as legal and binding information pertaining to, and including but not limited to:

· Appropriate laws, licenses, insurance, and regulations of the road.

· Applicable laws pertaining to the roadworthiness of the vehicle to be driven in the Rally.

· All laws relating to the possession transportation and/or distribution of prohibited substances, goods, banned items or offensive weapons of any kind across state lines.

· Please note that termination of participation will occur if anyone is caught racing on the public roads. These individuals or teams will also be banned from participating in any future events. No refunds will be made to entry fees or any other expenses incurred, and all privileges including hotel accommodations, concert entries, appearances and any other benefit will be withdrawn immediately.

Participants must not gamble in the form of placing any bets of any kind in relation to the event/Rally. Participants must drive safely extending proper courtesy to all other drivers and members of the public. (See legal pages for more information.)

All information on this website is due to change without notice. all legal paperwork will be provided shortly. please refer to the limits of liability until this page is posted.