The Rama Road Rally has set up the Rama Disbursement Fund to benefit charities nationwide. The Rama Disbursement Fund is a 501c3 that has been established through the National Heritage Foundation to disburse RRR designated profits to all of the charities that will be involved in the Rally. A pre-requisite for a charity to qualify for this disbursement fund is a managerial cost of no more than 20% total of the charity's expenditure.
Some of these charities include, but are not limited to:
· Kids for Saving the Earth (KSE) - the world's largest environmental organization for children.
· Global Family Foundation – GFF along with the United Nations, the White House, Congress and Embassies from around the world, have come to help bridge the gaps between the many cultures around the world through our children, in order to promote peace and understanding of our differences as a species.
· Chi Chi Rodriguez Foundation – takes children who are several years behind in grade level and brings then up to par before they reach high school.
· Participants' individually selected charities.
The Rama Road Rally will match all prize monies won for each "leg" of the race, which will be donated to the winners' pre-selected charities at the completion of the Rally. Matching fund of the Rally Grand Prize will also be donated in the winners' name to their pre-selected charities.
All proceeds from the Page, AZ event, including merchandising, concert sales, and any other monies generated at this location, will be donated to the American Indian Consortium for the improvement of educational standards on the reservations. Our goal is to provide new computers, school supplies and buses for as many of the less fortunate Indian Nations as possible.
Charity Donations
In addition to monies collected from the concert and daytime events, select entry fees, and matching prize funds, an 800# phone bank will be set up to receive charitable donations nationwide.






The Rally provides
the opportunity for
charities to promote
awareness of their
respective causes,
disseminate info,
and educate the public
as to how they can
help. Donations will
be generated from
ad sponsorships,
concert sales,
merchandising, prize
monies, and more.