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Material Safety Data Sheet

Section I          Product Information

Trade Name :        STRATEZYME

Synonyms :            Nutra-bond Plus, Solidroad 510

Formula:                 Proprietary Blend

· D.O.T. Proper Shipping Name       Non-Hazardous Liquid

· D.O.T. Hazardous Class                 Non-Hazardous

· D.O.T. Identification No                   N/A

Section II          Physical Data

· Specific Gravity             (H2O) 1.09

· Boiling Point                  212° F

· Freezing Point               32° F

· Vapor Pressure             21.84 @ 75° F

· Evaporation Rate          Same as Water

· Solubility in Water         Complete

· Appearance:                  Brown Liquid

· Odor:                               Slight Sweet Odor

Section III         Hazardous Ingredients:

· None

Section IV         Reactivity Data

· Stability Stable.                            Avoid high heat.

· Incompatibility                               None

· Hazardous Polymerization          Will not occur

Section V            Health Hazard Data

· Eye Contact                  Avoid Eye Contact. If contact occurs, flush with water.

· Inhalation                       None

· Skin Contact                 None

· Ingestion                        May cause slight laxative condition.

· Non-carcinogenic         No known conditions to avoid.

Section VI             Precautions for Safe Handling and Use

· No Special Gloves

· No Ventilation

· No Exhaust

· No Protective Clothing

· No Special Equipment


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